There are plenty of reasons why a photo booth hire is a great addition to a party, but many spend a long time deciding on the style of photo booth instead of understanding how to ensure thet get the best image quality for their photos.

The two most important questions to ask your photo booth hire provider:

1. What type of camera do you use?

2. Can you show me examples of images from a previous event?


Let’s start by taking a look at your mobile phone as an example…..

selfie image

You, like me, know from your daily use of your mobile phone that the quality of the camera and the phones accompanying software makes all the difference when trying to capture a magical moment.

In fact, many people upgrade their phone just to get the latest in camera technology.

As we all know, if it’s a cheap, poor quality camera and the software supporting it is outdated or lacking, those priceless moments are completely lost in the photo you’ve just captured.

Imagine then, on your most anticipated celebration, finding that the images produced by your photo booth hire are average at best. Every time you look at the photos for years to come you’ll find yourself disappointed.

Combine this with the fact you’ve spent hundreds of pounds to create the experience and the taste is all the more bitter.

What Should You Avoid From The Start?




There are quite a few photo booth hire providers out there that capture all the events photos using a webcam. The booth will look like a fully functioning, traditional, photo booth. However all the images will be captured by the webcam.

Why is this a problem?

If you’ve ever compared the image taken with a webcam  to any other type of camera you’ll notice it’s often grainy and small. If you happen to like an image and want to increase it’s size you’ll find it distorts horribly.

webcam pic

Why do photo booth suppliers use them?

Cost or outdated equipment are the two main reasons. It’s certainly not to improve the experience for the customer. The focus by the photo booth supplier will normally be on the entertainment value and cheap hire price rather than quality.

There is one exception to the rule with the use of webcams. Webcams can be used in a photo booth hire to good effect for certain advanced services such as SnapChat filters. They can also be used in conjunction with a high end DSLR camera where the camera will take the actual photo but the webcam will produce the preview image as this allows for a better lighting set up.


Ipad photo booth

Yes, believe it or not these are considered a photo booth. Essentially an IPad on a stand with a ring light.

What is the problem?

IPads are great, but you don’t see professional photographers trading in their cameras for them to do their professional photo shoots. There’s also the question of why would you pay to hire an IPad on a stand when you could buy one for a similar amount?

Why do photo booth suppliers use them?

Manufacturers of photo booths wanted to offer an inexpensive option to their customers. They produced these “booths” to attract more sales. Unless you do your research the “photo booth” you’re being offered could well be an IPad on a stick. These also often do not have a print facility.


Out Dated Software Or Lack Of Understanding Of How To Use It

You might first think that this is a tricky one to establish when looking for a photo booth hire provider, but it’s actually very easy to identify.

The truth is that over the past 10 years photo booths have come an incredibly long way in terms of the experience and images they’re producing. If you’re receiving a flat image  surrounded by a basic print layout as an example of the photo booth suppliers work, then you may need to consider an alternative.

Tell tale signs will be a generic design layout and poor lighting creating a flat, unflattering image.

This all point to either old, out dated technology or a lack of understanding by the booth operator.

Here is an example of this at the National Wedding Show and why this is so important to get right. As you can see, the layout is awkward, the image is blurry, the background is odd and there are some odd wedding rings placed around the image.

Would you keep this image?


Here is the same couple at the same show as a result of coming to our stand. We created the layout to make it look like the couple were on the front of a magazine cover. We regularly provide our Cover Star Experience to VIP visitors at the National Wedding show in conjunction with Confetti Wedding magazine.

Remember, this is still a photo booth print!


In today’s world of photo booths there’s no reason why your images shouldn’t be as good as a professional photo shoot. The prints should also be beautiful works of art that compliment your event. Not a plain, generic template that’s used at every event.

Remember, these images and prints will be treasured for years after your event has finished.

If they’re poor quality they wont last a week.

What Does Great Look Like?

Firstly, you should insist on a DSLR camera from your photo booth hire.

If you ever have or are currently considering a formal photographer for your event then the first thing you’ll notice is they use some form of DSLR camera.


These cameras are more complicated to use than a standard “snap and go” camera, but when used correctly produce beautiful, unparalleled images.

eastanglia image 3

*Image captured by our photo booth at a recent wedding

Rich, Beautifully Designed, Bespoke Prints That Bring Your Event To Life

softcat_postcard sample-1

*Smiley print design for Softcat Circus Ball

The photo booth hire supplier should be able to provide you with a design that creates a print you’d be proud to hand your guests as favors for your event.

Lastly, Don’t Forget The Lighting!

Your supplier should know exactly how to create the perfect lighting for your guests.

Photo’s are as much about light balance as they are posing. Get it wrong and you’ll have a dull, boring image or worse, unflattering lighting that your guests complain about throughout.

It’s difficult to imagine the problem until you see it. Here’s an example of bad lighting management –

bad lighting

As you can see, it’s grainy and dull and probably not one to be kept for very long. Which is a tragedy given that these individuals may not see each other for years each time.

Here’s what happens when the lighting is done correctly –


*Image taken at a recent wedding with our Smiley Booth

Now, armed with this information we wish you every success in finding your perfect photo booth hire provider. The experience of having a photo booth is certainly entertaining, but the photos should be something you treasure for decades after the event passes.