Top Trumps photo card

Playable Photo Card

The Brief:

Our journey with Top Trumps was very interesting and an incredible challenge. The brief was to create a playable Top Trumps photo card with the users picture on the card and difference choices of statistics.

The Results:

We set about writing the software to create the perfect customer journey but this became the easy part! The challenge was to produce the bespoke printed Top Trumps photo card in exactly the same weight, size and shape as the well loved Top Trumps packs which are unique to the Top Trumps brand. There was not a printer able to produce this exactly anywhere in the world. Initially we created a hand stamp so that users could ‘press’ out their card from a 6x4 standard photo print out. This went down well at Toy Fairs in London, Liverpool, France and Germany and the popular Brooklands Car Show. However Top Trumps wanted to make the experience more seamless and automate the process so that users didn’t have to use the press. Back to the drawing board! We created a hydraulic press that was installed into the photo booth for the James Bond and Star Wars film launches in a partnership between Odeon and Top Trumps. Top Trumps fans were delighted with their bespoke cards which featured them as a hero or villain from the popular film franchises and there was a lot of buzz on social media at each of the locations that had a bespoke photo booth in place.

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